Valuable partnerships, where each party is focussed and determined to achieve the goals we set together, are a fundamental element in the success of the projects we develop and the creation of Sammontana Sustainability has only been made possible by the efforts and collaboration of respected, authoritative partners.


The Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection of Italy, with which Sammontana signed a Voluntary Agreement in July 2016, outlining our commitment to researching, offsetting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced as a result of manufacturing our products. In turn, the Ministry undertook to develop the necessary elements to define a carbon management model for the ice cream manufacturing sector by identifying impartial criteria and parameters.



Spinlife, a spin-off of the University of Padua, works with Sammontana in the testing and analysis of the packaging life cycle, a key aspect of the study into sustainable, safe products.


With the guidance and support of Energy Way, Sammontana neutralises unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing and investing in verified carbon credits.

Legambiente is Italy’s most prominent environmental association and since 2017 Sammontana has actively supported this non-profit body as part of our strategy to make a real difference when it comes to carbon management. As such, we work with them on the campaign to clean up Italy’s beaches, via an initiative called “Sammontana pulisce la Spiaggia vicino a casa tua“ which means “Sammontana cleans the beach near to your home”.

Since 2018, we have strengthened our commitment to environmental sustainability in Italy through a new project developed in together with the Pisa university Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, promoting a more responsible approach to the environment among beach resorts.