Green Beach Resorts



Right from the very start, at Sammontana we have always placed enormous value on people, communities and the environment. A family company, for over 70 years we have lavished the same love on our products as we would our children. We constantly seek to improve the way in which we grow, our processes and the impact we have on the environment.


This commitment goes beyond our products to encompass our beaches and marine ecosystem. These are fundamental factors if we truly wish to build a sustainable future. In the summer of 2018, we rolled out a programme aimed at fostering environmental sustainability throughout Italy, in partnership with the Pisa university Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Beach establishments or resorts are an important part of the Italian beach culture, and it was great to see 16* of them sign up to the initiative, in which their onsite stores and kiosks installed innovative equipment such as energy-efficient chillers supplied by Sammontana. 


The entire project has been supported by Padua University’s Consorzio Universitario di Ricerca Applicata (University Consortium of Applied Research) which conducted a study that conformed with guidelines established by the Ministry for the Environment in line with international protocols. This study measured the CO2e emissions of the entire Barattolino and Fruttiamo production lines and provided an analysis of the products’ life cycles.

* Study validated by CSQA, certificate 54000 dated 27/06/2018