Packaging innovation

Year on year, we work on new solutions with the aim


reducing the impact of our packaging on the environment, by ensuring it can be recycled or broken down at its end of life. We also work to raise consumer awareness, helping them understand the benefits of sorting their waste correctly.

We are focused on using polythene paper for our packaging, as LCA results indicate that it performs well in terms of reducing environmental impact while also providing effective product protection.

Some concrete examples of these innovations can be found in two of our most popular brands:

The plastic that was used for the tub and lid of the entire Barattolino range was eliminated and substituted with FSC-certified cardboard.

This single initiative resulted in a significant improvement, with a 9% reduction in 2020 greenhouse gas emissions compared with 2019.

The primary wrapper in polypropylene of the Fruttiamo range was replaced by Mater-Bi paper that is 100% compostable, meaning it can be included in organic waste collections.